About Em Jane Photography

Moments in time held

“Every picture has a story to tell. and I’m here to weave that tale for you.”

– Sophie Lea

Celebrate your journey, cherish the moments

Every stage of your parenting journey is artfully preserved

To create images that evoke emotion & tell a story

To capture candid moments. To make it fun & relaxing

Celebrate your journey, cherish the moments, and create timeless memories

Photo of Em Jane with her camera.

Meet Em Jane

Meet Em, the passionate face behind Em Jane Photography, based in Briar Hill, Melbourne.

As a family, newborn, and maternity photographer and a proud mum of 2, I find deep fulfilment in capturing beautiful moments and creating cherished memories.

At Em Jane Photography, I bring my expertise as a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with over 15 years of experience working in various early childhood settings. This background allows me to understand the unique journey of motherhood and the profound stages of growth both mothers and children experience.

My dedication lies in providing an exceptional photography experience that celebrates the love within your family and the beauty of motherhood. With four distinct packages for Maternity, Newborn, and Family photoshoots, I strive to tailor each session to your specific needs, creating an individualized and heartfelt story for you and your loved ones.

Welcome to Em Jane Photography, where it’s all about you and the extraordinary journey of motherhood that we’ll capture and cherish together.

Capture an experience beyond photographs

Feel joy, love, and connection through your images

What to Expect from a Photoshoot?

When you book a session with me, you to feel nurtured, cared for, and valued

It’s not just about the final images; it’s about the entire journey we embark on together

Receive a complimentary phone consultation, where we discuss your vision and desires

You will be sent style and preparation guides that help you feel confident and ready

Every step is designed to ensure you feel supported and at ease

During our session, I will provide access to my carefully curated client wardrobe, where you can find beautiful options for both the mum and the newborn

You can also count on my expertise in natural posing and capturing authentic emotions to create images that reflect the genuine connections and love
within your family

newborn photography baby feet
maternity photography beautiful baby belly
Black and white maternity photography. Pictured expecting mum with her two sons

Reach out to me today to book your session and discover the joy and the magic of Em Jane Photography